A CPAP User’s Product Review

Puffin, a member of our CPAP Forums, demonstrates his Respironics Remstar M-Series CPAP Machine in this great (prize-winning) video. He clearly demonstrates all the kit involved including machine, mask, hose, humidifier and cables.

User-contributed videos like this one are great to get a real idea of perspective in terms of product size and usability. Many manufacturers nowadays produce short product videos but they are always from a sales perspective, obviously. A video by a real CPAP users shows the machine in its natural habitat, the bedroom. It illustrates the size in comparison to a pillow or bedside table and shows where the tube would go.

Thanks Puffin for the great contribution!

2 responses to “A CPAP User’s Product Review

  1. Thanks Puffin for a really informative video. I’ve just been diagnosed and I’m waiting to be called forward to collect a machine from Harefield and I had so many questions no-one was able to answer. Your video has answered most of my questions and has reassured me greatly of what lies before me.

  2. Many thanks for a most informative video. I have been recently diagnosed with Severe OSA and will be starting CPAP at Papworth Hospital (Cambridgeshire – UK) in 3 days time. Very nervous and concerned about what to expect. Your video has made me a lot less worried, thanks.

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