Respironics C-Flex Video

This Respironics video explains the workings of their C-Flex variable pressure technology. Designed to make it easier to exhale against the air pressure, C-Flex is by many regarded as a major improvement on CPAP comfort.

C-Flex Video Transcript:

Respironics, the global leader in sleep therapy products and solutions has developed a revolutionary and more comfortable treatment for OSA called “C-Flex”. C-Flex therapy makes it easier to exhale by providing pressure relief during active exhalation, then returning to base line pressure before inhalation to maintain the pneumatic splint necessary to keep the airway open.

C-Flex eliminates the problems patients typically encounter with CPAP pressure by providing a variable release of pressure during exhalation. This pressure relief is based on the level of patient flow and the patient selectable C-Flex setting. Because it is variable, based on expiratory flow, C-Flex provides the appropriate response for each and every breath.

C-Flex makes it easier for the patient to exhale, then quickly returns to the optimal pressure for the patient to ensure that air flows freely to the lungs.In addition, C-Flex provides the patient a choice of three levels of pressure relief, assuring they find a level of comfort that feels best for them.

C-Flex allows patients to breathe more naturally, while providing the ability for patients to easily tolerate their therapy. A tolerant patient will comply with their treatment, improve their quality of life and eliminate the long-term risks associated with OSA.

To further explore how C-Flex works for CPAP users, check out the Respironics C-Flex website.

Do you have C-Flex enabled on your Remstar CPAP? How do you find it?

2 responses to “Respironics C-Flex Video

  1. I have just been given a new Respironics C-Flex machine and mask. I have found it unbareable. Therefore I have returned to my old Fisher Paykel machine and Resmed mask I had to buy myself 6 years ago.

  2. Hi Brisland, how did you find the C-Flex machine unbareable? I am looking to upgrade my old CPAP and was interested in peoples thoughts who have actually purchased a C-Flex?

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