Do You Have Sleep Apnea?

In this video, the presenter interviews a sleep diagnostics expert about snoring, sleep apnea and how to determine whether the snorer indeed suffers from sleep apnea. In this case, a home testing device called the SleepStrip is demonstrated.

They discuss the use of the Sleep Strip, which is a home testing device which can be used overnight and will tell you whether apneas are indeed present during sleep. Being a single channel recording device with built-in battery and processor, the SleepStrip monitors respiratory flow via sensors below each nostril and in front of your mouth. By analyzing your exhalation patterns, it will come up with an apnea index the next morning.

Home testing is only fairly new and as far as I am aware, not very common yet in the UK. In Australia there are multiple home testing programs and in the US it’s starting to pop up more and more. Considering getting diagnosed is the bottleneck in the current system, it would be great if patients could get tested in the comfort of their own home, without having to pay many hundreds of pounds for an overnight sleep lab test in a clinic or hospital. Not to mention the waiting lists for such sleep tests!

UPDATE: SleepStrip review here. I have been told the NHS actually uses the SleepStrip for pre-screening suspected OSA patients in order to ease the queue for their conventional diagnostics tests. For more information and to purchase online, see: SleepStrip on

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  1. i have the nose mask. it leave a dark mark on my 4head. i’m wondering how to i get rid of the mark or how do i stop the mask from making marks. secondly i have the machine that the tubing fills up with water and wakes me up. yes it has a humd. on it

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