A CPAP User’s Product Review

Puffin, a member of our CPAP Forums, demonstrates his Respironics Remstar M-Series CPAP Machine in this great (prize-winning) video. He clearly demonstrates all the kit involved including machine, mask, hose, humidifier and cables. User-contributed videos like this one are great to get a real idea of perspective in terms of product size and usability. Many … More

Do You Have Sleep Apnea?

In this video, the presenter interviews a sleep diagnostics expert about snoring, sleep apnea and how to determine whether the snorer indeed suffers from sleep apnea. In this case, a home testing device called the SleepStrip is demonstrated. They discuss the use of the Sleep Strip, which is a home testing device which can be … More

Respironics C-Flex Video

This Respironics video explains the workings of their C-Flex variable pressure technology. Designed to make it easier to exhale against the air pressure, C-Flex is by many regarded as a major improvement on CPAP comfort. C-Flex Video Transcript: Respironics, the global leader in sleep therapy products and solutions has developed a revolutionary and more comfortable … More